Reviewing Niche Success Blueprint from Lynn Terry – and an extra bonus available

I’ve been part of Lynn’s Clicknewz paid private mastermind community for several years now, it was a truly great investment and it led me to meet some amazing people, and yes I learned a lot of helpful things along the way. I’ve also had the chance to meet Lynn at the NAMS events in Atlanta … if you ever get the chance to attend an event with Lynn, you should do that, she’s fun to hang out with. So there you go, full disclosure before I start talking about the Niche Success Blueprint product, I know Lynn, I’ve met Lynn in person, and I gladly pay money to learn things from her.

So when Lynn first released the Niche Success Blueprint I was pretty busy with my transcription work and my kids activities and I just didn’t have a chance to look at anything that wasn’t urgent. I filed it away in the back of my mind and made a mental note to come back and pick it up later and start going through it. I finally had some time to sit down and look things over and start going through the modules.

Module1imageThe modules – I love how this is broken down into little sections that you get each week so that you don’t get completely overwhelmed. And Lynn starts at the beginning – the VERY beginning, with brainstorming and buying the domain name for your niche website. So if you’re a newbie and you haven’t started yet, you can pick this up and work your way through it. If you already have a website, you can pick this up and work your way through it too – trust me, there’s plenty to learn each week for everyone no matter what level you’re at.

Even if you already have your website up and running and you’re tempted to skip the first few modules, I recommend starting with Module 1 anyway. Lynn’s brainstorming exercises are introduced in that module and they are very handy to go through and going through that step will help you lay the foundation pieces for the things you’ll do later on in the process. There’s also a nice little bonus at the end of Module 1 that you’ll want to look at too. Module 2 helps you take the ideas from your brainstorming from the first module and research the ideas to determine if they’re profitable or not.

Module5imageAs you move into Module 3 you’ll be getting a domain name for your niche project if you don’t have one already and you’re going to get the details of how to set things up for your website with WordPress and social media accounts. Simple things you can do, but they all lay the foundation for success as you move forward on your project. Module 4 and 5 are more foundation laying, but the walls are getting a little taller now and things are starting to take shape. These things may seem small now, but they become important later on. I can tell you from experience that going back and trying to add these pieces later is a giant pain in the butt, so just get them out of the way now and build them up properly from the beginning.

Working in little sections like this is so much less stressful than trying to do everything in one day – though if you had a weekend and a chunk of free time you could go through them a little more quickly if you wanted. And it’s fair to say that some of the first five modules can be outsourced if you don’t want to do the technical pieces yourself.

By the time you get to Module 6 and 7 your website is set up and you’re ready to start creating some amazing content to attract readers. This is where the creativity starts to blossom. In Module 8 and 9 you’re going to look at your content a little differently and dig deep into monetization, strategy, and how it all comes together. Blog monetization is not some mythical creature, it’s something you can do, and Lynn goes through everything in easy to understand simple steps throughout the entire course.

I could go on for ages here, but I’d much rather you go get started than sit here and read my chatter. I’m reading Module 17 this weekend and I have had some serious ah-ha moments with it.

Niche Success Blueprint

The bottom line is each week you’ll get a new module and each week for 52 weeks you’ll have a clearly outlined action step to take, that’s a full on plan for an entire year. Every time you do that weekly action step you’re a little bit closer to a successful niche website that’s going to put readers on your list and dollars in your bank account.

Special Bonus from Me…..

If you pick up Niche Success Blueprint through my affiliate link here, I have some special extras for you!

In the early modules of the program when you’re installing WordPress and customizing your settings Lynn recommends getting a header made and she includes some resources to outsource that, but you won’t pay a penny for your new niche site header because I will make one for you at no charge, zero dollars. You’ll get the information on how to request your header graphic after your purchase through JVzoo.

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  1. Hi Loretta,
    I enjoyed your review of Lynn’s NSB course and I totally agree! I am currently working through the modules and am really seeing my site come together, right before my eyes and I had no idea, that I could do it myself. I had no experience at all with building, or maintaining a website, but am now beginning to see a new world of possibilities, just from taking this course. I look forward to going a lot further with Lynn’s help and to meeting some great people along the way!!!

    Product Review Queen

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