Setting a Goal to Publish an eBook to Kindle

This just keeps coming up everywhere I turn, so I’m taking that as a sign that I need to just do it already. It came up several times at NAMS in August and I had sort of put it on my “to do soon” list. You know how those are. But then in the last week…

Nicole Dean brought it up again in Income CPR for January’s lesson. We had a great discussion with Susanne Myers over at her blog about publishing to Kindle and some of the very cool additional benefits of doing so.

And then just last night I was sitting here writing a blog post for this blog and it started to get a little long so I thought about turning it into a short report instead of a blog post series. I had Facebook open so I mentioned it there, and Kristen Eckstein reminded me that a few more pages and I could easily have that same thing published to Kindle.

In fact, a whole conversation broke out on that comment about formatting for Kindle etc… I’ll be honest, formatting has been the big hold up for me when it comes to publishing to Kindle. There are all sorts of free tools that say you just upload your PDF and they’ll automagically turn it into Kindle formatting for you. So far the ones I’ve tried are poop.

The good news is Kristen offers an affordable done-for-you solution to get your report or book formatted properly for the Kindle. She has a Kindle programmer on her team that handles all of the Kindle formatting for her and her clients. And having seen some of Kristen’s work and how awesome it is, I know that’s where I’ll be going to get my formatting done.

Now for that goal I mentioned at the beginning of this post. In that Kindle publishing discussion on Susanne’s blog she mentioned setting a challenge or a goal for ourselves to get published on Kindle. So here I am put it in writing for all to see. Please hold me accountable to this goal.

This is going to be my February goal. I am working on an update to my Transcription Crash Course information product. When I’m done with the update (which I’m very close to being done with that,) I want to get a wrapped up version of that published to Kindle. I think it will help reach a wider audience and create some new connections.

So to recap: for February I need to write the update to the product, created a slightly modified version for Kindle, send the PDF to Kristen and her team for proper formatting, and then get it uploaded to Amazon.

Now you know my goals for February. What are your plans for the month? Are you already on Kindle or will you be joining Susanne and I in getting your first piece of content published in Kindle format?

Loretta Oliver

As a quirky little side note ~ I mentioned Nicole, Susanne, and Kristen in this post – three brilliant ladies that I met in person at the NAMS event. The winter session of NAMS is coming up February 10-12 if you’d like to attend.

I decided to skip this session because Ethan’s birthday is on the 12th (my youngest son) and he made the big blue eyed sad face when I mentioned even thinking about going to Atlanta that weekend. However, the three brilliant minds mentioned above are all NAMS instructors for the February session!

So if you get a chance to attend please hug all of them for me. I’m really going to miss seeing everyone, but I’ll be here working on my ebook to get published on Kindle!

Even if you can’t attend the February NAMS it’s never too late or too early to sign up for the MyNAMS community as a member and start to get your feet wet, meet everyone virtually, and start to absorb some of the information before you get to a live event.

5 thoughts on “Setting a Goal to Publish an eBook to Kindle”

  1. I’m excited that we’re both tackling this at the same time. I’m looking into a couple of things today to learn more about formatting and setting up the Kindle publishing portion on Amazon. I’ll let you know what I find out.

    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog post by the way and I’m looking forward to seeing you at NAMS in August.

    1. Definitely let me know what you find. I’m looking forward to being a Kindle author.

      My husband’s poetry book is on Kindle, but I should probably have Kristen fix up the formatting on that too because I don’t think I did it right.

  2. Good for you Loretta! Publishing my book to Kindle was my proud moment but like you mentioned formatting isn’t as easy as it seems. It was my biggest hurdle.

    Looking forward to seeing you published on Kindle, keep us posted 🙂


    1. The formatting seems to be the biggest stumbling block for a lot of people on this. Amazon didn’t make it easy at all.

  3. Most people think they can handle the formatting on their own, but as you found out it can be frustrating. Especially if you have anything special like bold, italics, bullets, graphics, etc. Even those “meatgrinder” PDF to Kindle products aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution and no automated software system is a replacement for a living, breathing ebook programmer to get rid of all that “junk” code. As a matter of fact, many times those programs insert even more junk code, making it more difficult to get a clean-reading Kindle book.

    In my opinion, I even pay to get my books Kindle formatted even though I know enough code to figure it out, because it saves me time, frustration, & ultimately my credibility with avoiding the nasty negative reviews that come from badly formatted Kindle books.

    I’m glad you’ve chosen to do it right, Loretta!

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