Signed Up for Andrew Hansen’s Forever Affiliate

So on Friday before I shut down my computer (and my brain) to head into the weekend, I decided to sign up for Andrew Hansen’s Forever Affiliate course after hearing about it on the Late Night IM Podcast. I wanted to do something new, fresh, different, and profitable in terms of niche affiliate marketing. Andrew seemed to be teaching something interesting with a fresh approach to things, and he was talking about affiliate marketing post-2012. That seemed very important, because it seemed like a lot of people have just given up in the last year.

I don’t like giving up, so there will be no quitting here. As I would tell my kids; you can change your strategy, you can change your goals, you can change your mind, you can even change your beliefs, but you never just give up on something you truly want to achieve or be.

So I’ve watched the introductory videos in Forever Affiliate this morning and I’m getting ready to begin diving into the Phase 1 section. The program is divided up into three phases and covers every detail from the beginning of choosing niches and keywords all the way through expanding on things that are profitable. I’m trying to go into this with a fresh open mind, I intend to go through every step of the course as if I were a complete newcomer to affiliate marketing. So if I disappear for a few days I’m off researching and learning Andrew’s affiliate marketing techniques….

(if you’d like to learn more about the course, I invite you to join

I’ll be reviewing what I learn here on the blog and tracking my progress. Also, planning a little side wager with Mark from Late Night IM since we’re both taking the course and reviewing it, more about that as soon as we figure out what we’re going to wager on 😉

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