Sometimes Goals Don’t Go According to Plan

So I had decided and declared here that this month one of my big goals was to get my transcription course published for Kindle. I know there are still five days left to the month, but I know I am drastically behind.

I wanted to write an update for the product first and then create a special landing page for Kindle readers at the end. The good news is that I have the update almost done and then I can send the files over to the magical and amazing Kristen Eckstein for proper Kindle formatting. So I’m certainly close to reaching that goal, and normally I could get most of that done in the five days. But, things don’t always go according to plan.

I confess that the week I had blocked out for working on writing the update and getting things done was the week that everyone in the house was sick. Of course, getting sick is not an excuse, but it did wack up my schedule. I have some client work to finish up this week before I can get the product update finished, so that pushes me into early March. And I’m okay with that. After all, I work from home for the flexible schedule and the ability to wear pajamas whenever I feel like it.

So the *new* goal will be to have my documents sent to Kristen for formatting by the middle of March.

All right, now back to work….

2 thoughts on “Sometimes Goals Don’t Go According to Plan”

    1. Uh-oh! I’m busted. I’m not quite finished yet. I’m sort of faltering a bit with how to best direct people with the Kindle version of the product since I usually have an email follow up series after the initial ebook portion of the product. I’m torn between creating a “lite” version for Kindle readers at a lower price point versus setting up a special landing page for them where they can join the mailing list.

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