Starting the Testing Phase with Forever Affiliate

Okay so I’m getting ready to start my first sites as I go through the Forever Affiliate course – I’m not going to post names and link to them from here because I don’t want to skew the data from them. I will however talk through the experiences and how I feel things are going so far with the course.

I’ve gone through all the videos in Phase One, some of them twice. I’ve done some initial research and brainstorming and I think I have a good list of starter ideas that I’d like to test the market for. There’s a big emphasis on testing in this course, that’s one of the things that I enjoy because Andrew tells you how he tests, what he’s looking for in terms of results, and shows you how to replicate exactly what he does as opposed to just throwing around the word “test” like so many sites and courses often do and expecting you to know what that means.

Now that I have my ideas list and research of the topic areas I’m ready to start building sites and doing full testing. Andrew suggests starting with at least five sites to test so you can keep what works and scrap what’s not working. The thing is I don’t think I can handle five sites right off the bat between working on my transcription business, building websites, and handling family stuff (basketball just ended and soccer starts up soon, yikes!)

Now, if you’re outsourcing a lot of the content and beginning stuff then five sites (or even 10 sites) as your first round of testing might not seem so hard, but for the first round I really want to focus on doing it myself, going through the processes, and understanding everything every step of the way. I may outsource a few content pieces or design pieces, but to learn everything for me means going through it all myself step-by-step.

So for my first round of testing I’m only going to do two sites – one with an information product and one with a physical product. I think that way I’ll be able to get a general idea and experience the course fully the first time through and then after those two sites are built and running I can go back to the beginning and do a full batch of five sites and keep growing from there. I should have at least one of the domains up and started by next Monday (the 11th) …

See you back here for a progress report next week.

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5 thoughts on “Starting the Testing Phase with Forever Affiliate”

    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m hoping to have the WordPress installation and customization done for at least one site before Monday.

  1. Hey Loretta

    How the heck do you find time to do all that you
    do with 4 kids to look after…

    I struggle with 2 (lol)

    I’m also doing the Forever Affiliate course and can’t
    praise it enough.

    Like you I think 5 sites is too much to handle at the start so I’m
    doing 3.

    Good luck with yours and am looking
    forward to your updates.

    Take care

    Dawn Kay recently posted..My Podcast Blogging Uncut is live yayyyyyyMy Profile

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt overwhelmed at the thought of starting with 5 new sites. If I didn’t already have websites in place I would probably go ahead and do five, and I might do five later on after I’ve been through the process at least once with my first two. I just don’t think I can do five sites and learn Andrew’s process all at the same time, that’s a lot of brainpower.

  2. I am just now finishing up on my 6 week link building strategy. I notice the 80% ref domain links is stretch but I keep going until I hit my Target ref dom. Great post

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