Super Simple Coffee Affiliate Site Example

Sometimes simple is good. Oftentimes simple things are the most enjoyable things, the things we love. Affiliate sites don’t always have to be super complex deep sites. Sometimes you just like stuff and you simply share with other people that like it.

Coffee is simple. I like coffee. You might like coffee. It’s a niche that I’ve mentioned a few times here on the blog and one that I’ve often considered creating a site for. Still considering it, might make a nice summer project.

I came across this interesting one page affiliate site (for sale on Flippa) and I really just loved the simplicity of it and the fact that the tagline is right up front about being expensive stuff that you don’t really need.

This screenshot is of the entire website. One page, that’s it. A few categories on that page, each with a few large beautiful images, all linked directly to the products Amazon.

I would definitely add an affiliate disclosure to the page somewhere, but other than that it’s a really beautiful page. I imagine it would be good if you had a product that you were promoting with Facebook ads or similar paid ad strategy.

Like this idea but want to add some content?
You could pick up some coffee themed PLR to make it a bit bigger.

Your thoughts on this super simple affiliate site? What strategies would you add? What might you change? Drop a comment below.

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  1. I’m gonna just throw out that the only “affiliate” site theme I’ve ever made $$ with has been coffee! lol Ya’ll – do this!

    • it’s definitely a good niche to play around in, your audience base is probably 50% of the people … add a section for tea people and you’ve covered most of the population, and there are lots of directions to go to add other things (mugs, shirts, box-of-the-month subscriptions, etc…. )

  2. Some people are seriously passionate about their coffee – and it’s something that people buy over and over and over, so list building is probably a good idea (I didn’t see an opt-in on the example site)

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