Progress on My Forever Affiliate Sites

Just a quick recap of what I’ve managed to cross off my to do list with Forever Affiliate so far. Site A: The site is setup with WordPress and customized, plugins are added and configured – that was the easy part for me. The first piece of content has been added and I have a […]

Creating the Content for Site A with Forever Affiliate – Sharing a Content Creation Resource

So I’m into the content creation part of Forever Affiliate with Site A … (and I’m into the setup on Site B – YAY) In the program Andrew is kind enough to offer contact information for two content writers that he uses for his own content creation. Of course, those two writers are very busy […]

First Site Set Up with Forever Affiliate

Fortunately I can set up and install WordPress and change settings with my eyes closed, because I’m half asleep this weekend. I was determined to get through at least half of Phase Two in Forever Affiliate and have at least one of my new niche sites set up and ready to get content added over […]

Starting the Testing Phase with Forever Affiliate

Okay so I’m getting ready to start my first sites as I go through the Forever Affiliate course – I’m not going to post names and link to them from here because I don’t want to skew the data from them. I will however talk through the experiences and how I feel things are going […]

Digging Into the Forever Affiliate Course

I wanted to post some initial thoughts here and share my progress with you because the launch discount ends March 1st and the price goes up. If you want to try out the program out, this week is the time to get registered. You go at your own pace so even if you don’t start […]

Signed Up for Andrew Hansen’s Forever Affiliate

So on Friday before I shut down my computer (and my brain) to head into the weekend, I decided to sign up for Andrew Hansen’s Forever Affiliate course after hearing about it on the Late Night IM Podcast. I wanted to do something new, fresh, different, and profitable in terms of niche affiliate marketing. Andrew […]