Traffic Without Conversions on Niche Site B

So the rankings are improving continuously and the traffic is growing day by day on Site B. The links are getting clicked on but the offers are not converting. Here are the rankings for 5/25 and 6/5… The site is averaging around 25 visitors per day. Visitors are clicking on things, but I’m not seeing […]

Site B Reached Page One in SERPs – Yay!

I’m pretty proud of myself this weekend. I decided to peek in and see how I was doing for the batch of keywords I picked for my niche sites. I started with Site B because it has a shorter list of phrases than most of my other sites have so the report runs pretty fast. […]

Broke the 50 Referring Domain Mark for Backlinks (Yes, this is a Forever Affiliate update)

When you start building links to your sites in the Forever Affiliate program one of the milestone points is reaching 50 referring domains to your site as viewed by the search engines. It seemed like it was taking forever to get there, but I finally broke 50 referring domains on Site A. This backlink report […]

Boring Update for My Forever Affiliate Progress

This weekend’s update isn’t very exciting at all. In the link build and be patient stage not a lot of stuff going on and I only did two sites to start with instead of the five that many people began with. Site A Update: (this is the one that’s in a gardening niche area) I […]

Linkbuilding Forever Affiliate Style

Another weekend and another Forever Affiliate update from me. I’m still working on Phase 2 of the program with my first two sites. Like I said in my last post, this part requires a lot of patience while the sites get their first links and first trickles of traffic coming in. Basically you’re gradually getting […]

Forever Affiliate Phase 2 Update

So here we are. I’m right in the middle of Phase 2 in Forever Affiliate, which includes some slow link building and the beginning of site promotion. Site A is showing some ranking improvements and moving up nicely, little trickles of traffic coming in already are nice to see. Site B has a little more […]