The Truth About Making Money With 99 Cent Kindle Books

When it comes to self-publishing of all types, Kristen Eckstein is the resource I trust most. She has a ton of experience working in the publishing industry and she’s full of great tips and advice. Her latest series of Kindle releases are Author’s Quick Guides, packed with information on writing and marketing yourself as an author. Each quick guide focuses on a specific topic and Kristen goes over them in detail.

This one really caught my attention, because 99 cent Kindle books seem to be all the rage lately and there is some conflicting information in the marketplace about what you can and cannot do with them. I had been considering writing and publishing a series of 99 cent books myself, so I wanted to make absolutely sure I had accurate information. Kristen clears all that up and gives some really great advice on how to make your Kindle book a valuable resource that also brings you profits (spoiler alert: the profits don’t come from the 99 cents!)

The nice thing about this series of guides is that they are exactly what they claim to be, they’re QUICK and they guide you through a very focused process. Personally, I like to work on things one step at a time, one page at a time, one to-do item at a time, so these have been great for me. Likewise, a similar advantage is that you only buy the parts you need, because not everyone’s author journey is the same. If you don’t need an illustrator for your project, you can skip that Quick Guide.

In this particular guide you’ll learn how to turn your inexpensive 99 cent Kindle book into a profit machine – Kristen shows you exactly how she took one of her under-a-dollar ebooks and makes profits starting at $27 and going up from there. That’s the amazing stuff.

Did you consider building an email list with your writing? Kristen covers a bit of that in this guide. She also covers the ins and outs of referring products and using affiliate links with a nice big section and some tips – this is must know information if you want to promote or recommend anything inside your publication. You’ll find real and specific examples throughout the book.

Kristen actually released a new Quick Guide each week for the second half of 2013 ~ She’s kind of amazing that way! Each one focuses on a very specific aspect of being a self-published author – you’ll find guides for writing how-to, guides for pricing your work, guides to working with illustrators and other professionals, and so much more.

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