Three Tips For Creating A Niche Website

Deciding to create a niche website can be fun! And, if done right, it can also be profitable which is likely to be your intent.

In the simplest of terms, pick a topic you like and be prepared to experiment and tweak along the way. It’s a process and trial and error is part of that process.

Choosing a Topic

Depending on who you talk too many bloggers suggest picking a topic you are “passionate” about. That is definitely good advice, but I’ve had success in picking a topic that I know absolutely nothing about and have grown to become passionate about. While your degree of knowledge is of course a factor don’t jump in and try to make a niche site on a popular topic with lots of competition.

After picking your topic, be prepared to be knowledgeable about said topic and deliver what your readers are looking for. Your site should have a unique approach on the topic and share as much as possible on said topic.

Staying Focused

Choose a narrow topic and stay focused. Essentially, that means, picking a topic and sticking to it so you can position your site as a true niche blog. For instance, rather than blogging about a broad topic such as dresses, you could make a nice site about Quinceanera dresses. Or, rather than blogging about a television show that can end, pick a topic that will be around for a long time.

Your site should contain very basic information such as what a Quinceanerain is and what traditions that surround it. Then expand into planning for the big day, picking a dress, decorations and more. Basically, the start, middle and finish of a Quinceanera. Think of your site as a one stop source of information on your given topic.

Keyword Research

Long tail optimization refers to using very specific keywords to drive targeted traffic to your site. Competing with big sites, with deep pockets will drain your wallet and patience in record time. This is why, for instance, that we suggest creating a site about Quinceanera dresses, rather than a site that targets “dresses” in general where the competition is most definitely more fierce and involves brand name stores and designers.

Lastly, there are many free keyword tools at your disposal but we like the Google Adwords tool the most and find it the easiest to use.

After you have your site up and running on its own. Rinse, lather and repeat.

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