Tips To Increase Audience Engagement

Are you looking to increase audience engagement on your blog or on your social channels? Here’s a few tips to help you brainstorm what to post to get the conversations and shares flowing.

Ask Questions

When you want more interaction it makes sense to start asking your audience questions. When you ask questions on social media and get an answer, take the time to start a conversation with the person who answered so that they feel heard.

Educate Them

If your strategy is to be an authority in your niche, it make sense to create education for your market regarding your niche. Want to be the market authority on WordPress? Create a WordPress ecourse that your audience can take.

Share a Meme

This is most effective on Facebook. If your group or page is feeling a little down or inactive, post a fun meme to get things going on. Memes get more shares than most things on Facebook, so it can sometimes also be good for your engagement metrics and get Facebook paying attention to your page again.

Ask Them to Share It

If you want to encourage likes, shares, or follows, simply create content that is worth liking, sharing, or following, and then ask your audience to do the sharing. Without a clear call to action, your audience may enjoy what they saw but not actually do anything about it. Just asking them to click the share encourages that action and they’ll often be glad to do that simple task for you.

Without a clear call to action, your audience may enjoy what they saw but not actually do anything about it. Just asking them to click the share encourages that action and they'll often be glad to do that simple task…

Offer a Deal

Sometimes you can create both more sales and more engagement just by offering a great deal. A percent off coupon or a buy one get one free campaign can do wonders. A campaign to allow buyers to share a coupon with their friends or family can spread really fast and bring in new followers and customers.

Quick Tips to Increase Audience EngagementBe a Guest

If you want to expand your reach try submitting guest blog posts with popular blogs that share the same target audience but do not directly compete with you. You can ask the blogger to do the same on your blog. Being a guest isn’t just for blogging though. Consider being a guest on podcasts, Facebook Lives, webinars, and other platforms to increase reach and have the opportunity to engage people in conversations about your niche.

Have a Guest

Having a guest on your blog, Facebook, podcast, or other platform has many of the same benefits as being a guest. It brings you a fresh new audience and expands your reach in the same ways. It’s a great way to get to know others in your niche and be a part of the conversations that are happening.

Have a Contest or Giveaway

Want to create positive buzz for your business fast? Host a contest that allows someone to win a prize at the end. Keep it simple or go really big, offer one thing or a bundle of things, depending on the end goal. It’s a great email list building opportunity, too.

Have an Event

Events can get people buzzing before, during and after the event, sending more traffic and more sales your way. An “event” can be as simple as a webinar or Facebook live or as big as a virtual summit with a series of speakers from your niche. You can do a free event or a paid event. Don’t forget to create hashtags to use on social media to help connect your audience to talk about it. Make sure you get into those conversations, too.

Use Video Where Possible

Videos are powerful, there’s no doubt about that. Videos with people are always great at building connections and engagement, but you don’t have to be on the video if you don’t want to be on camera. You can do explainer videos, unboxing videos, review videos, screen sharing tutorials, and all sorts of other things. Posting your videos on Facebook can get you additional reach and feedback, because videos are shared more often than text posts.

Always Tell a Story

People love a good story. If you’re looking to increase engagement, make sure that you’re using the power of storytelling in everything that you do. Make it about them and frame the story in a way that they can see themselves in it what’s happening. Everything has a story, just share that in a way people can relate to.

What Works For YOUR Audience? 

Have you found a great method that really gets your audience engaged? Tell us about it in the comments below 🙂 

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