To Pick A New Niche Or Not

green_question_markI’ve blogged in the past about owning several different sites, in different niches. In fact, I’ve been blogging for over a decade and I’m still not where I want to be. Some of my sites have done better than others and I’m at a point where I am staring at three different options: if I should let some of them go and start fresh, refresh the ones I have or just pick an add- on niche as a complimentary addition. Decisions, decisions…

I think, I may have already written a post just like this one as I struggle with this topic frequently. It’s kind of like being stuck on stupid, but blog style. This is a problem that keeps reoccurring for me because I get overwhelmed with paid projects and ideas and in turn everything gets pushed back. But that cannot be the case any longer. It’s 2014 people and this is the year of change!

Site Decisions: To Toss or Add New

Okay, you have a site that has been around for a couple months or perhaps years. Should you toss it completely or expand on it and make it better and different? The two main questions, obviously, will be if you are making any money on the site and if there is any traffic. If the answer is yes to either question, selling is obviously the smartest choice. Take that money and start something new.

Alternatively, if you have a main niche that is doing fairly well but you are bored you can expand on the topic. This is why I always tend to find a niche that is general but has several add-on options. For instance, if you have a blog that is dedicated to ‘green living’ you can add a new section on ‘solar power,’ and focus on alternative energy. If you have a site that focuses on business products, you could add a section specifically on business books or small office supplies. You get the idea.

I’m finally beginning to accept that selling off some sites might be the best answer rather than letting them sit dormant not doing much of anything at all but stressing me out with their silence. I think my theme for 2014 is to do more of what I love so it doesn’t feel like work. I used to laugh when people said that but I am now a true believer in that statement.


So, will you keep your sites? Sell them or add-on to them? That is the question. Check out the competition. Is this niche even as popular as it was when you started? Do you still care about this niche at all?

There are some sites that just need a design boost or a new direction. But, when you find writing harder and harder and notice that the only thing you are good at is putting off working on the site it might be the best time to make the tough decision. Who’s with me? Let’s grab a glass of wine and figure out what to do with these sites. More wine money would certainly do this girl some good.

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