Unexpected Happening at Niche Site A…

Site A started getting traffic this week! 20 unique visitors this week that were not myself logging in. Twenty!

Normally I would rejoice in getting traffic so early, but the site isn’t even finished yet. There’s only one page of content. Granted, it’s a pretty good piece of content, but I still have quite a bit to go. I didn’t build any links, I didn’t link to the site from anywhere, I didn’t let it ping anything, so I certainly did not expect to be indexed yet. Now I’m a little freaked out and I need to push the plan along a little quicker.

I’m glad I needed to look at my analytics for something else today or I wouldn’t have even realized it happened. I don’t normally check stats that often, but I needed a certain stat for a different site.

I suppose the good news is that the visitors came to the site via search engine and they were searching for the target keywords that I had in mind. That’s kind of awesome. Still, I wasn’t prepared for visitors yet so I didn’t make any sales out of that 20 visitors.

Please excuse me while I go refill my coffee and panic a little bit….

Want to catch up on my progress and review of the Forever Affiliate process?

Have you ever gotten traffic before you were ready for it?
Any advice, any tips? Any thoughts on why the traffic started so early?

twitterUpdate added 3/20/2013: After pouring over all my notes and every single thing I did, I think I figured out what triggered the site to be crawled and indexed before I was finished.

I was using Twitter late one night to do some of my market research for Site A and when I saw there was an active community there talking about the topic I figured, “I might as well register an account while I’m here.” Without thinking about it I filled out the form and I included the homepage URL. And of course I sent out a tweet that night.

The traffic I’ve received so far is coming from search, not from Twitter. So my getting traffic with no links other than a Twitter profile makes me wonder if I picked a really good niche to get into early or a really terrible niche that no one wants to be in. I’m not sure yet, I guess we’ll find out soon.

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