Using the Photo Dropper Plugin to Add Images to Blog Posts Fast and Easy

Photo Dropper is a WordPress plugin that searches Creative Commons and licensable images for you, then drops it directly into your WordPress post without ever leaving your dashboard, making it super easy to use. Instead of having to go to an outside site to get an image (likely getting distracted by browsing for the images – sometimes for an hour or more) you can just do it all within your WordPress interface. Less work, no distractions, more blogging.

Click-Photo-Dropper==> Get the plugin by searching from your Add Plugins page or go to

Once you have Photo Dropper installed, just go to your post or page screens to use it. Click the Photo Dropper button to start.

Type in a search term. A number of search results will be displayed. Click the one that appeals to you most, but double check the appropriate license as the plugin is not foolproof.

Hit “Insert into Post” and the image will be added into your post. You’ll be given the option to edit the image, just as you would with any other kind of image insertion. You can change the size of the image, add alt text, add a link, change alignment or add CSS styles.

That’s it ~ easy peasy 😉

5 thoughts on “Using the Photo Dropper Plugin to Add Images to Blog Posts Fast and Easy”

    1. I was surprised when I found out this was a regular ordinary free plugin … I’m still playing around with it myself but I think it will come in handy on little niche sites and one off blog posts that I don’t have images for already.

  1. This looks really cool. I just discovered how to drag and drop an image that I’d downloaded today into my blog, this takes it to another level! Thanks Loretta

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