Weird Trend: Negative Words in Product and eCourse Titles

questionI’ve had a few requests to review products and ecourses lately, and while I was looking for similar products available on marketplaces like Clickbank and JVzoo to compare them against I noticed an odd trend that seems to be recent; negative words being used in titles for ebooks, ecourses, and info products in general, even software products.

I’ll be honest, I just don’t get it.

When I see words like annihilation, jacker, slaughter, and massacre, I expect them to be part of the most recent horror movie description or part of the plot for a mystery of some kind, not a social media plugin or some other widget I can use for my online business.

I’m not saying everything needs to be roses and sunshine, but these titles are an immediate turnoff for me. The logical part of my brain says “stay away from this” and “sounds like trouble waiting to happen.”

Have you seen this happening? What are your thoughts on these kind of titles?

1 thought on “Weird Trend: Negative Words in Product and eCourse Titles”

  1. Lisa Marie Mary

    I actually like “annihilation,” but not the other three. I know there must be more out there — I can’t think of any right now — I imagine my reaction would be the same, to just like one or two out of the bunch. It is clearly being overused, so is already starting to or will soon be ineffective, I bet.

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