When An Old Niche Becomes New Again…

ChrissieMy career in Affiliate Marketing dates back to the year 1999 at least. In that time I’ve been involved in many niches from pets to gadgets to geeky stuff and more. Prior to Affiliate Marketing I had my own private labeled products that I stocked and sold. At some point I was burnt out on the pet niche and sold most of my sites or let them lay dormant.

Yesterday, though, a new pet niche turned from a spark of an idea into a domain purchase and a list of new ideas. Basically, I found myself coming full circle once again. Timing is a funny thing, I was just about to dissolve my corporation but instead I ordered a certificate of standing which I need for the bank and wholesalers and tax reasons. So, here we go again!

Below are five tips I’ve learned and employed over the years for marketing my niche site and taking it to the next level. I will be using them again on this new niche…

Educate and/or entertain

Catering to a specific niche is easy in the sense that you have a specific audience and with that you need to know what your intention is. Is the purpose of your site to make people laugh and to entertain them? For instance a blog that consists of funny pets and the things they get into? Or is your goal to educate and write posts that are helpful to pet owners. This is just one working example and you can of course use a combination of both but one should be more prominent.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is helpful with niche sites. My website host, Host Gator regularly sends me $100 gift cards if I spend $25. It may not sound like much but it’s a good and free start to see if PPC is a good way to market your niche.


Educating or entertaining doesn’t matter a blog is a necessary platform for engaging with your readers and customers. The blog should be updated regularly so that your visitors have a reason to return on a regularly and they will. Blogs that haven’t been updated in a long time sends a negative impression no matter how much good content you have posted. Most importantly, regular posts lead to improved search engine results and new readers that will find you when searching within your niche.


A great way to get people to engage on your site is to host contests and give away freebies. As your site becomes well known you might even find that other sites and brands, relative to your niche will offer you products or services that you can then use as a freebie on your own site. For instance, I have a pet company that continually sent me new dog toys and treats to try out and after doing so I used them for a contest giveaway to get new Twitter followers and newsletter signups.

Leave Room to Expand

Having a niche is great, but you should also leave enough room to expand within your chosen niche after you have established your site. So, if you have a site that focuses on dog treats you might want to add grooming supplies. But you could also consider adding a complimentary niche, say cats because they do go together relatively speaking.

The take home message is this: be consistent, engage with your audience, leave room to grow but most importantly whether you are engaging or entertaining or both it should be something you love, even a little bit so that you pass it along to your readers.

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