When Good Email Lists Turn Bad

Late Friday night you might have caught me complaining on Twitter about receiving the same email four times in two days from the same mailing list sender.

At first I thought it was probably just a glitch in their mailing list management system, after all technology is quirky that way sometimes. After the fourth message I inquired about it – and found out it was not a glitch.

Well, pfft. I hit the unsubscribe button.

It wasn’t just a reminder email or a “hey, did you see this” email, it was a copy and paste of the exact same word-for-word email message four times in two days – once in the morning and once in the afternoon each day. There was nothing additional added, no teaser information leading to the next message, just the same repeated thing. Blah and yuck is all I have to say about that.

What’s really tragic here is that when I received the first email message I was interested in the product they were recommending, it solved a problem I was currently having, it would make my day-to-day a lot easier.

I actually starred the email and saved it so that I could come back to it on December 1st and order the product. It wasn’t an expensive product, it was just a nice little add-on tool that I knew I would use, but I like to take the time to mull these things over and make sure that I will in fact need it and use it.

By the fourth message I was just plain annoyed. I’ve now unsubscribed from their list and I certainly won’t be using their link to buy the product they recommended – there are plenty of other affiliates in the sea that I’m sure would be glad to refer me without spamming me.

What are your thoughts about this trend in email marketing?
Loretta Oliver

1 thought on “When Good Email Lists Turn Bad”

  1. Because I follow so many people that network together I also get really similiar emails from the affiliates which is annoying as well. I really hate when I get the same email like 3 times because it was sent to multiple lists that I am on with the same person. Then I don’t know which list to delete myself from.

    I’ve never had someone spam me on their email list like that thankfully. That is a horrible way to market and you are nicer than I am because I probably would have asked them what’s up on twitter or fb lol

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