When You Want to Give Up on Internet Marketing

I think it’s safe to say we all have days like that. I know I certainly do. And it’s something I’ve heard even the most successful internet marketers talk about.

I think one of the hardest things about working from home is that it becomes difficult to separate work and home inside your mind. It becomes part of home and vice-versa. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes that’s a bad thing.

This is probably why a lot of internet marketers opt to rent an office space to work from on occasion or take a day or two per week and work mobile from a coffee shop or other free wi-fi location. To make that physical separation so that we can make the mental and emotional separation a little easier.

I confess, I’m going through a few things right now that were making me have those “I want to throw in the towel” thoughts. Notice I said “were.” I realized today (sitting here during a crazy power outage) that the strange thing is they’re not business related things. My transcription clients are awesome. I love my websites. Why was I feeling this sudden urge to chuck it all in and call it a wrap?

Of course, when the realization hit me of why I was feeling the way I was feeling, I immediately got my butt back to work and set new goals. The power was still out, so I grabbed my trusted notebook and scribbled out an outline for an idea I had along with some revised goals for myself and my marketing efforts that I want to spice up a bit.

Funny how being forced to unplug can make you think more clearly. Who would have ever thought that I’d end up being thankful for a power/internet outage.

What do you do when you start having those “I want to give up” feelings? I’d love to hear some comments on this topic.

Cheers to rejuvenation,
Loretta Oliver

2 thoughts on “When You Want to Give Up on Internet Marketing”

  1. Unplugging is a definite must. Forced or otherwise. I was mostly without internet this week and it brought clarity to some sites that need to be sold. The one’s I want to run back to when I can get online are the one’s to keep 🙂

    Other things I also do are pull up my last few months biz records and see how things have changed FOR THE BETTER! Then I also pull up my paypal and my aweber to see what has been happening that week.

    Pulling up my shareasale and other more active affiliate sites helps a lot. Have I been making regular sales? If not then how does that coincide with any new newsletter/ecourse sign ups? Easy to go add a new autoresponder to an active list and feel better.

    1. I saw you were having internet connection woes while I was having power outage woes this week -LOL-

      Looking at progress is definitely important and finding those place to make changes or improvements. We can get stuck in such a rut of doing things a certain way or with a certain type of offer.

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