Words To Frustrate Any Affiliate; Available at External Website

available-external-websiteArgh. I’ve seen this orangish-brown box and these words way too many times in the past three days.

When you’re looking for a product to promote via Amazon as an affiliate and you see this box it means you’re not going to get a commission on the product if the person buys it.

Essentially this is another website partnering with and advertising their product on Amazon, not a product delivered by Amazon or being sold through Amazon. (Though, if you’re a buyer it will be covered by the A-Z guarantee, which is nice when you’re using Amazon as a shopper.)

Now, if they click through a link to this product and they buy something else you still get a commission as usual, but if you wanted to promote the product on this page specifically you’re out of luck as far as a commission goes unless you can find an individual affiliate program for that product somewhere else – and sometimes that’s possible, but a lot of times there just isn’t one.

So what’s my point here? I don’t know that I have one at the moment – just frustrated with seeing this darn box on everything I wanted to promote for coming week, so now that I’ve stated my frustration and let go of it I’m going to go work on some writing and editing instead so I can get back to being productive!

So, what frustrates you this week? Anything you need help with? Anything you’re stuck on? Feel free to brain dump in the comments section and I’ll help you out if I can 🙂

1 thought on “Words To Frustrate Any Affiliate; Available at External Website”

  1. OK, frustration and Amazon in the same sentence. I clicked on something that gave me $5 off on a $25 Amazon purchase, and of course it immediately posted to Facebook that I saved $5, etc. etc.

    So I went shopping on Amazon and the three things I was interested in ALL were available from external vendors, so not eligible for the $5 Amazon coupon I had “won.”

    I guess I’ll live, but since you asked for frustration as I am here on a Saturday night paying bills, there ya go. Cheers, Aniat
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